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Building Team Culture

From Proactive Coaching and Bruce Brown/Rob Miller

You know you have developed a great team culture when….
* Your best players are the best examples of the covenants
* Your upper classmen welcome the new players to the team and get them on board with the team covenants
* The longer players are in the program, the better they get – skill, attention, focus, service
* There are no walls within the team
* Communication is direct, honest, immediate and appreciated. People talk straight
* There is a consistently high level of common courtesy – players and coaches are comfortable meeting people, give great eye contact, and are thankful and respectful
* Your leaders are not above the tough jobs but rather the first to volunteer
* Players get the things done without having to be reminded
* People work just as hard and serve just as well when no one is watching
* Former players are still connected to the coaches and the current team
* Coaches are great teachers and treated as such by the players who trust their training
* There is a combination of extreme focus combined with fun – there is a sense of humor present when appropriate
* Love and loyalty is evident – love being there, love the team, love the culture and each other
* A positive, aggressive, fearless culture
* There is consistent high energy
* Excuses do not exist
* Older players hold each other and the younger players accountable
* Correction is a compliment and confrontation is accepted
* Strong body language is an everyday thing
* The disciplines of the sport are embraced
* There is quiet confidence
* Everything is done by design, nothing left to chance and nothing is an accident
* Players pick each other up
* Everyone works to get better everyday
* The support staff is invested and valued
* Collective responsibility to each other over rules individualism

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