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Candy-Free Valentine’s Day at School

With childhood obesity statistics on the rise, Valentine’s Day parties at school presents an opportunity to give creative non-candy treats. Our resourceful instructors offer a few suggestions that are fun for everyone. Kids have fun making the projects and parents can help customize the greetings.

Small Play-Doh tubs – just put a sticker on the top and write who it’s from.playdough




pencilPencils – use scrap paper for the message and punch holes for the pencil. Any type of pencils work.






Re-purposed Heart Crayons – silicon baking molds are great for to reuse old, broken crayon nubs. Tear off the paper and mix colors together. Make sure to break the crayons up in a plastic bag, then fill the molds and bake for approximately 5 minutes at 350 degrees. Make a card and tape/glue the crayon on.







Glow Sticks – all kids love glow sticks. Cut a heart out of plastic, cardboard, or any other hard paper and punch holes to stick the glow sticks through. Don’t forget to include the connector.









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