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Gift Ideas for Runners

In honor of the huge success we enjoyed with the inaugrual Strut for the Streaks, here’s a list of gift ideas for the runner in your life – whether a serious runner or a recreational runner. Who knows, one of these may help them train for our 5K next year. Gifts range from a few dollars to expensive choices, depending on your budget.

1. Audio Bone Headphones – Science lesson for you. We hear sounds through both our bones and our eardrums, these gems bypasses the eardrum and transmits sound through bone to the inner ear. The headphones protect the eardrums and allow runners to hear noises around them by looping over the ear and transmitting music through the bones directly to the inner ear.

2. iTunes Gift Cards – Varying tastes in music and audio players make this gift card a perfect choice.

3. Anthelios Sunscreen – Because not all sunscreen is equal. Anthelios has considerable UVA and UVB protection, is photostable, and lasts.

4. The Stick – This portable training aid provides deep manipulation of soft tissues anywhere and anytime without any assistance.

5. Stuffitts Shoe Savers – A great way to eliminate odor and wetness from running shoes, Stuffitts conform to openings in the shoe to absorb moisture and bacteria.

6. Sports Massage Gift Certificate – Runners may abuse their bodies, but everyone loves a little pampering. We suggest you find a buy one, get one free offer and pamper yourself as well!

7. Lock Laces – They may look juvenile, but these elastic laces eliminate shoes coming untied during long runs.

8. Road ID – Show them you care with this identification tag that fits around the wrist or ankle.

9. Stretch Strap – This heavy-duty nylon strap helps runners get the most out of stretching when there is no one around to assist.

10. Food Basket – Runners need the right food for good health and top performance. Stuff a basket with whole-grain pasta for a great source of complex carbohydrates, raw almonds with lots of Vitamin E, oranges to provide 100% of the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin C, and dark chocolate that has potent antioxidants that can boost heart health.

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