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Resolution Solution

2014-social-media-trends.161It’s the New Year and with it comes loads of New Year’s resolutions. How many do you make each year? How many do you stick with each year? Well, don’t fret – we can help. Below, we have compiled the most popular resolutions… and how Blue Valley Rec can help you keep them.

1. Lose Weight –  From fitness classes to nutrition classes, we’ve got the information to get you going.

2. Improve Finances – Check out our Strategic Shopping class to save money on groceries or our Financial Management and Retirement Investment classes – these will put you on the correct money path.

3. Exercise – We offer fitness classes for all levels of fitness. Yoga, Conditioning Camp, Pilates, Personal Training, and several Aqua Fitness classes.

4. Get a New Job – Although we don’t have a job search service, we do offer several classes to fine-tune your computer skills: iCan Apple Workshop, Microsoft PowerPoint, Web Design & Development.

5. Eat Healthier – How about trying our Healthy Eating Class? It’s a great way to learn more about foods and their nutrients.

6. Learn Something New – There’s so much we offer to achieve this resolution. Check out our Adult Enrichment section for ideas.

7. Spend More Time with Family – This resolution is perfect for us to help with – our Special Events promote family time. Egg Dive, Daddy Daughter Date Night, Fishing Derby and more!

8. Volunteer – This one is a no-brainer. We couldn’t do what we do without the help of volunteers. Give us a call at 913-685-6000 to learn more.

9. Manage Stress – We reduce your stress just by offering clean, safe fun. You always know that our classes are designed to be stress-free and user-friendly.

10. Travel – Okay, you got us here. We can’t whisk you away to some tropical island, but we’d love for you to send us photos if you do get the chance to go.

And, if you are one of those who picks a word to use as a mantra – let us suggest the word FUN. We’ve certainly got you covered on that one.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Blue Valley Rec

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